Major 12000 GR

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Manufacturer : Major


Used Major12000GR -- 2014 roller mower very good working order checked over in our workshop and ready for work. The 12000 Roller mowers are ideal for maintenance of large grassy areas such as sports grounds, golf courses, airports, racetracks and parklands. As all the gearboxes are in one line, the effective cutting widths are at a maximum. There is no waste of cutting area from having the rotors staggered as found on belt driven machines. The machines are only as wide and as deep as the diameters of their rotors. Therefore they can follow the contours of the most undulating ground and give a perfect finish every time. The 12000 Roller mower have four and 6 rotors respectively and are mounted in three different sections. Two rotors are mounted in the main body of both machines; the others are contained in the wings. The design of the machine ensures that no windrowing of cut material takes place due to the unique aerodynamic chamber that surrounds each blade and the rotation of each rotor. These factors cause the grass to be sucked towards the blade, cut finely and then blown in an even layer from the rear of the machine.

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