Kersten K1500 Hydraulic 2 Wheel Tractor

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Manufacturer : Kersten
Power : 6.5hp Honda petrol engine
Transmission : Hydraulic
Wheels : Large diameter drive wheels (4.00-8 turf pattern)
Weight : 110kg
Axle load : 300kg
Dimensions : W 70cm x L 125cm x H110cm
Noise : Less than 82dB
Low vibration : 1.6m/s2


Kersten K1500 Hydraulic 2 Wheel Tractor - Available for Hire

Featuring a Honda GX engine and hydraulic transmission to the wheels, the K1500 is ideal for contractors with it's narrows access capabilities. The hydraulic operation also means maintenance is kept to a minimum. No belts, no clutch and no gearbox.

Includes sweeper attachment, a 40cm gulleybrush and a 100cm collector box, as shown in the photos.


£135 for the first day
£90 per extra day

Or £350 per week

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