John Deere 3045R Ex-demo

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Manufacturer : John Deere
Transmission : Twin pedal E-hydrostatic
Engine : 3 Cylinder turbocharged with intercooler


To help you use the power of your 3R Series tractor to the full, we fit a whole suite of advanced features as standard. These include 4WD, a digital performance tracking system, and LoadMatch – an incredible electric power management system for peak performance in every application. And because the car-style controls, smooth transmission, high back seat and tilt steering are also standard, your productivity will be anything but. LoadMatch automatically adjusts transmission speed to engine load for maximum performance without the risk of stalling. Ideal when moving heavy loads or mowing thick grass. MotionMatch adjusts transmission response instantly to the task at hand. Perfect when you’re moving back-and- forth during loading. SpeedMatch sets a constant creeper speed during aeration /spraying, or in confined spaces.

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