Our Service Department is staffed by trained and experienced technicians to ensure that we can support all of the products we sell and many more besides.


We have a team of technicians who are dedicated to working on large professional equipment and a team of technicians who are dedicated to working on smaller professional equipment and homeowner machinery.


Our Service Manager oversees our technicians and is supported by an administrator and dedicated driver. Most of our service and repair work is undertaken in our large workshop where we have all of the necessary equipment and replacement parts to hand. Where possible, we will endeavour to support products on-site using our product support vehicles to ensure minimum disruption for our customers.


If you're buying new John Deere professional equipment, rest assured that our Service Department fully supports John Deere’s maintenance package programme. If your equipment is not covered by a maintenance package, don’t worry. You will be able to take advantage of our competitive service and repair rates and the special offers we run during the winter months.

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